UK Property investment landlords get on well with tenants

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UK property investment landlords and their tenants broadly enjoy a positive relationship with disputes only a rare occurrence, a survey suggests.

The Deposit Protection Service (DPS), which guards tenants’ deposits and helps to solve arguments, said 84 per cent of renters “get on well” with their landlord.

A quarter of this group described the relationship as “fantastic”, with 39 per cent saying it was “ok”.

The DPS was set up 18 months ago to hold onto tenants deposits following the Housing Act 2004, which took the responsibility away from landlords.

The group revealed it had stepped in to resolve 880 cases out of 113,000 repayments since it started.

Kevin Firth, DPS director, said:

“Our own figures and the new poll both show that the relationship between tenants and landlords is a good one.

“Of course, it’s vital to ensure that you undertake good research to pick the right tenant or landlord in the first place – make sure you know who you’re dealing with – but in the main tenants and landlords have a good relationship”.

Around £240 million worth of deposits are protected by the DPS, which is currently seeing 250 new landlords and agents sign up each day.

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