Albania’s real estate market revolutionised by TID Tower


Photo: copyright 51N4E

Construction of a pioneering real estate scheme in Albania is reaching the 14th floor and is set to transform the surrounding area as it progresses.

TID Tower is being built in the capital city of Tirana and is part of an ambitious homes and business real estate plan for the city, based around 10 high-rise towers.

Developers revealed this week that building is progressing well and that completion should arrive by the end of 2010.

Designer 51N4E is incorporating offices, homes, and other real estate opportunities including shopping and restaurant facilities at the top and bottom.

The building is particularly striking thanks to a design known as a super ellipse, which starts as an ellipse and ends as a rectangle.

51N4E said: “The subtle transition between these two basic shapes makes a tower which fully captures the Mediterranean light of Tirana, and creates ever changing shadows.”

Inside apartment homes will be accessed by a central staircase and lift, and there will also be secure underground car parking.

During early stages of the development last year, builders were presented with a unique real estate construction dilemma. The development is almost on top of the Suleman Pasha Tomb – there in remembrance to the founder of Tirana. A circular 3D cut-out at the base of the building ensures the two exist in harmony.

Buying homes in Albania is proving increasingly popular thanks to relaxed real estate rules and developing air travel links to most of Europe.

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2 Responses to Albania’s real estate market revolutionised by TID Tower

  1. incredible tower is good to see growth

  2. I am not sure the tower looks that great but there are so many other major projects in Albania that are really looking good.

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