Abu Dhabi property – Capital District Concept approved

abu dhabi sxcThree huge master plan developments designed to transform a UAE state into a world cultural hub have been given approval by real estate planners.

Officials in Abu Dhabi have rubber stamped the Capital District Concept Plan, Khalifa B Master Plan and the Shahama and Bahia Revitalisation Plan.

Combined the three schemes will provide new homes for hundreds of thousands of people and are also designed to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s role as the capital of the UAE.

Further details of all three huge plans are to be unveiled at the upcoming Cityscape Abu Dhabi real estate exhibition, running from April 19 to 22.

The-long awaited developments are part of an overall plan to expand Abu Dhabi through to 2030 and provide much-needed new homes for the state.

Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council (UPC) said of the approvals: “The expertise, commitment and world-class practice of UPC will ensure the successful implementation of the approved master plans so as to position Abu Dhabi among the top international capitals in terms of innovative and sustainable urban planning.”

Of the three individual real estate plans, the Capital District Concept will cover 4,500 hectares and act as a government and economic centre.

Khalifa B involves community facilities and public spaces, plus thousands of new homes, and the Shahama and Bahia scheme will expand and improve an existing residential area.

In December international property firm Hamptons International said research showed Abu Dhabi had a “healthy” long-term real estate future ahead of it as it continues to expand.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi will feature new commercial and residential homes schemes, besides details of the three master plans, and will appear at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

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