Nottingham Links with Russian State of Krasnodar

Ewi Nottingham 0049An historic Partnership agreement has been signed which will see Nottingham forge close links with the Russian state of Krasnodar. The relationship was cemented at an official ceremony at the MIPIM property investment summit, where The Leader of Nottingham City Council, Councillor Jon Collins and Mayor of the City of Krasnodar, Vladimir L.Evlanov, put pen to paper on an agreement that is a result of close collaboration over recent months.

“This agreement has the potential to be hugely beneficial for both parties”, said Councillor Jon Collins. “There will first be a sharing of expertise and ideas, which should develop into investment opportunities and stronger economic links. I’m looking forward to developing a strong working relationship with my Russian counterparts, and then developing plans to maximise the benefits of the agreement.”

Mayor Evlanov stated: ”I am delighted to have the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with our friends and colleagues from Nottingham while both our cities are here at MIPIM. Signing the partnership agreement is the next stage in developing firm friendships and economic links”

Lorraine Baggs, Inward Investment Manager for Invest in Nottingham said: “We have been talking about formalising our collaboration for many months now and when we discovered we would both be taking strong delegations to MIPIM the timing seemed perfect. Both Nottingham and Kransnodar already have strong economic, civic and cultural partnerships with Karlsruhe in Germany and we hope we can replicate that success for Nottingham.”

The whole Team Nottingham delegation were present at the ceremony, and continued the evening with further business discussions. Matthew Hannah of Innes England was particularly keen to get to business, commenting: “Krasnador is blessed with outstanding natural resources and Nottingham has a wealth of expertise in development. The weakness of the pound make the UK a perfect place to look for opportunities at the moment so I’ll let the ink dry first, but I’ll be seeking out their investment manger for a chat before long.”

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