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Repossesion Research Identifies Those Most Likely To Suffer

New research has produced a unique insight into the characteristics and circumstances of people faced with their homes being repossessed. The research is likely to make a major contribution to the prediction and prevention of repossessions in the future.

Dubai World Group Asks For Time

Dubai World Group, the company that funded developments such as Palm Jumeirah has had to admit that it cannot pay its debts, and has asked its investors to accept a six month delay on repayments while it attempts to find funds.

Students build on their studies with miller homes site visit

Award-winning housebuilder Miller Homes East Midlands is helping to give students a better degree of understanding of the construction process.

Lack Of New Property In Bristol Fuels Demand From Savy Builders

More new property needs to be built in Bristol to satisfy the current level of demand for quality new homes in the city.