Online marketing strategy is key to real estate sales

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With the current economy, it is critical that every business stretch marketing budgets and refine business models. Today, more and more businesses are beginning to realize that an online marketing strategy is essential to maintaining high visibility on the internet. However, the majority businesses never truly comprehend the full potential of online marketing.

As the residential real estate market continues to maneuver through challenging times, many builders and developers have taken cost-cutting steps to reduce overhead, including staff reductions in the key areas of sales and marketing.

According to Carol Smith, founder of Atlanta-based Praxis Real Estate Advisors, LLC, these times are critical in our industry. “New home builders and multi-family developers should be focusing on strategies to sustain their business model today”.

“The fire sale mentality only works for the short term, and in fact, it can cause irreparable harm to a builder or developer’s reputation and brand. When times are good, the basic principles of marketing are discarded because they are deemed unnecessary. When times are bad, we forget the basic premise that success comes from one sale at a time.”

Firms are cutting back on staff, reducing budgets and in some cases putting development plans put on hold, yet they still need a pragmatic and strategic approach to sales and marketing.

“As a long time professional in this industry, we recognize a need for continuing those services on a contract or project basis,” Smith explained.

With 25+ years in the residential real estate industry, Praxis Real Estate Advisors have marketed and sold the full range of residential real estate including family homes, condominium development and conversions, multi-family rental development, master planned communities, and resort properties in.

Ms. Smith added that the Praxis mission is two-fold. “We have the desire to provide professional sales and marketing services to builders and developers with a commitment to excellence and quality; but more importantly, the ultimate goal is to increase their profits while building long term relationships.”

Based in Atlanta, GA, Praxis Real Estate Advisors has active experience in the NE and SE United States and Texas. For more information on Praxis Real Estate Advisors, LLC might assist you and your development team with ongoing projects, contact Carol Smith at (404) 748-1640 or

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