Cyprus property developer opens London & St Petersburg offices

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Pafilia has opened new offices in London, UK, and St Petersburg, Russia, as part of its aggressive expansion programme. Representing a significant investment by the company in these markets, it follows its established strategy of setting up local offices in key geographies to provide local sales and support. This follows Pafilia’s entry into the Middle East market and the launch of its first projects and an office in Crete, with further announcements expected shortly.

According to Tony Nathanael, commercial director at Pafilia Property Developers, “We believe that, more so than ever with the current Global economic climate, those who pay attention to their customers and core business principles will succeed and gain market share. Now is the time to look for the right opportunities to expand and we believe that moving our UK office down to London will allow us to target a specific segment of the market. Similarly, opening an office in St Petersburg will complement our existing office in Moscow, enabling us to target a larger geographical area in Russia, as well as the very attractive St Petersburg market.”

“The UK market is evolving and we have put together a new structure that we believe will drive our business forward in this important market and at the same time be flexible enough to be able to adapt to future changes. We want to make sure we have very good, close relationships with our agents and we are creating a number of partner initiatives which differentiate Pafilia completely from its competition. We are also looking to recruit a select number of partners, some big players, some niche, with several elements in common, a loyal customer base and a similar philosophy to Pafilia,” added Demetris Prodromou, UK & Ireland sales manager.

Pafilia’s new offices in Marylebone, London, are close to a number of the company’s partners in and geographically well positioned for easy access throughout London and around the country. A number of highly experienced people have been recruited to join the team in London and together they will spearhead Pafilia’s activities into the UK.

Russia is also a major market, with St Petersburg a natural progression in Pafilia’s development of its business in Russia. The 2nd largest city in Russia, St Petersburg is very cosmopolitan with a rich cultural and historical heritage and its own distinct character. It also provides a gateway into Northern Russia and, with the long distances in Russia, it was essential to set up a dedicated office and team there, to provide the right degree of focus, local knowledge and support. Time was taken to select the correct location and the office is in a development that won an award for best business centre in St Petersburg.

“We are planning on being in Russia and St Petersburg for many years and this expansion represents another building block in the foundations we are laying for our business in Russia. People in St Petersburg are accustomed to a certain level of quality and service and with Pafilia they can be sure of finding that. We have a broad selection of properties to suit all tastes, including our flagship Minthis Hills resort, and backup services such as rentals, resales, landscaping and interior design that are second to none,” explained Evis Hadjipetrou, Eastern European sales manager.

For all markets, Cyprus remains an excellent choice whether it is for investment or lifestyle. The climate and laid back lifestyle are extremely attractive, with a low crime rate, excellent infrastructure, healthcare and education. Those looking for an active lifestyle, or for tranquil privacy can find it here. It is also one of the very few EU economies to have projected positive GDP growth in 2009 and, because the Central Bank maintained strict levels on the amount of deposit a customer had to pay, Cyprus banks have not been so exposed to the speculative short term investments that have been a key factor in other countries’ problems. Cyprus is viewed as a secure investment and number one choice for permanent living.

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