Greg Clark MP visits Newhall in Harlow

Robert Halfon Visit 090210 013The Shadow Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Clark MP, has just toured the Newhall development in Harlow. Accompanied by prospective Harlow Conservative MP, Robert Halfon, Mr Clark was shown how the development features energy-saving innovations and is built with the local habitat, wild life and the environment in mind.

Greg Clark MP said: “I was delighted to visit Newhall to meet Jon and William Moen, who are behind the development. Newhall combines striking architecture with a focus on sustainable buildings. It is a place that is attracting national and international attention and I am grateful to Robert Halfon for inviting me to see it for myself. Creating buildings that use energy efficiently helps residents save money, reduces our dependence on imported fuel and is good for the environment and hopefully the future of the planet.

“Newhall is a good example how good design and a focus on architecture can help reduce energy consumption. This is the sort of enlightened thinking that we need from the whole industry if we are to really make an impact on climate change.”

Mr Halfon, who will contest the Harlow seat which includes Hastingwood, Nazeing, Roydon and Sheering at the general election, said: “I was pleased to come with Greg Clark today to meet the Moen brothers and visit the development. They have a vision for Newhall and for Harlow which is quite remarkable. I wanted to show Greg this ground-breaking and sustainable housebuilding project. The care that has been taken, such as using sustainable materials when building the houses, including energy-saving measures, is excellent. Newhall is a place that Harlow will be proud of for decades to come. I am looking forward to the development of the rest of the site.”

Robert Halfon is, in fact, one of Newhall’s newest residents, having moved to Newhall in November last year buying a slo home, and his enthusiasm for their new home is boundless. “I love it. It’s the best home I’ve ever had in my life. It’s so unusual, so clean and open.”

As a passionate supporter of many important local causes such as housing, education, health and business, Robert of course was well aware of Newhall, when he considered buying into the development, and the objectives of Jon and William Moen. “They have created something that really is like a village, but for the 21st century. It is unlike anything else around. Newhall is a place of peace and beauty.”

For more information about buying at Newhall, please call the Sales Centre on 01279 416660 or visit the website at

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