Younger Buyers buying bigger Homes

Spencer Place 1A NEW trend is emerging in the housing market as buyers take advantage of highly competitive prices to move to their ‘max-size’ home at some of the youngest ever ages, according to Basingstokes’ leading housebuilder.

A ‘max-sizer’ is someone reaching the highest point on the housing ladder, often the second or third home that they will own, and somewhere they will spend the longest period of their adult lives.

Although the ‘max-size’ home is usually associated with older people, David Wilson Southern says that more than half of these buyers are now under the age of 45.

“We are seeing a new trend whereby married people who have children are moving to the home which they always wanted to live in at a much earlier age,” said Paul Crispin, Managing Director at David Wilson Southern.

“According to our market research, only 48 per cent of ‘max-size’ buyers are now over the age of 45. The majority – 52 per cent – are in their 40s or even 30s and are taking advantage of the house price correction since 2007 to buy their dream home sooner rather than later.”

“Their priority is having just as much space as they were used to in their previous home and also having room for family and friends to visit.”

“They are attracted to new build developments because they don’t want to bother with DIY and home improvements and like the idea of buying a pristine new property which is ready made to live in.”

Homes currently available from David Wilson Southern, in Basingstoke that are seeing this trend include Orchard Grove where a two bedroom home starts from £180,000, three bedroom homes start from £193,200 and four bedroom homes start from £280,599.

Homes at Spencer Place, also in Basingstoke start from £188,000 for a two bedroom home with a garage. Three bedroom homes start from £241,995 and include a garage and an ensuite to the master bedroom.

For further information on homes available in Basingstoke then please contact the marketing suite at Orchard Grove on 01256 812077, or the marketing suite at Spencer Place on 01256 320867 or visit:

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