Luxury Log Houses in Planinovo Dream Village, Bulgaria are proud to team up with the world’s premier log home manufacturer – Cedar knoll log in building Planinovo dream Village, Chelnik and Sinapovo Developments, Sakar Mountains, Bulgaria.

Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, August 2010. Luxury log houses are pleased to announce their partnership with Cedar knoll log homes, a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality Adirondack log homes, log cabins, log garages and log sidings. 5 luxury 3 bedroom log houses will be built on Planinovo Dream Village, a picturesque site in the Sakar Mountains, Haskovo Province, Bulgaria offering services such as a swimming pool, equestrian facilities, full site management and maintenance.

Phil Cowper, Managing Director of Luxury log houses said, “After visiting over 20 log homes manufacturers to supply Bulgaria and the UK I finally found the right one – I chose Cedar Knolls to supply our handcrafted luxury log houses on our Planinovo Dream Village, Chelnik and Sinapovo developments. The concept behind investing in our Dream Complexes in Planinovo, Sinapovo and Chelnik is to provide our clients with the unique investment opportunity to tap into an emerging Bulgarian investment property market away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist destinations. I have been very pleased and excited with our professional partnership ever since. I have been involved in the Kitchen and bedroom trade for over 30 years and I feel this is an area that truly sets us apart from the other log home companies. We pride ourselves in now offering stylish designed log houses with professionally built kitchen and bathrooms of a high standard.”

Ron Marx, President of Cedar Knoll Log Homes, said, “We are pleased and excited to have a new Dealer for the UK and Bulgaria that has more than 30 years experience in the home improvement and building market Over the last 30 years, I have seen many ups and downs in the log home industry. The one constant that has been the foundation of our success and longevity is service. I founded Cedar Knoll Log Homes in 1979. While we have seen significant growth over the last three decades, we remain a family-owned and family-operated business. Our dedication to personal service, custom in-house designing, and production of diverse and unique lumber products has made Cedar Knoll Log Homes one of the most complete and affordable log home manufacturers on the market.”

Phil continued “Bulgaria is one of the most popular property investment locations for European investors. Recent improvements in infrastructure and increased tourism has provided a huge opportunity to become a stable market for property investment in Bulgaria. We specialise in identifying off-plan property investment opportunities first, with high capital growth and very high rental demand. With a combination of dedicated research and broad market experience we have helped build and continue to build successful Log House portfolios for all of our prospective Bulgarian property investment clients. Property Investments in Bulgaria are still some of the cheapest in Europe, but prices are already rising in anticipation of Bulgaria joining the EU. Property investment values are certain to skyrocket and double at the very minimum.”

Phil was asked, would the clients be bored just sat round a pool? – He responded “No, that’s why I have also set up Wild Bulgaria an exciting new adventure travel and tourism company specialising in family adventure holidays offering a wide range of excursions including jeep safaris, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, hiking, paintballing, team building, orienteering, horse-riding and fishing. We specialise in small group activities and family adventure holidays in the historically rich, unspoilt Sakar and Strandja mountain regions of Wild Bulgaria.”

Cedar Knoll Log Homes is headquartered in Plattsburgh, NY, USA.Cedar Knoll Log Homes (CK Log Homes) is a family-owned business that has been designing and manufacturing custom and kit log homes and log cabins since 1979. CK Log Homes headquarters, 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art milling facility, and a 1680 square foot beautifully appointed log home model, are situated between the Adirondack Mountains and the shores of Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, NY. CK Log Homes uses only the finest Adirondack cedar and pine available and dries logs at the company’s onsite kiln. Visit

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