Countryside Properties Gets Green Lights in Cambridge

12534 HR Glebe Farm bu Countryside PropertiesA set of planning green lights in Cambridge now means that Countryside Properties is ready to start on site at Clay Farm and Glebe Farm, to the south of the city. Countryside Properties has achieved detailed planning permission for Glebe Farm, together with outline planning permission for Clay Farm, which together will deliver 2,550 much-needed mixed-tenure homes for Cambridge. In addition, the Company has also received full planning permission for the spine road which will enable the key infrastructure to be developed at Clay Farm.

At Glebe Farm infrastructure works will start imminently with housebuilding commencing in November. The first new homes should be complete next Easter. Infrastructure works for Clay Farm will commence next month with housebuilding expected to start in Spring 2011.

The developments will provide a well-designed sustainable garden suburb, having been prepared in close collaboration with Cambridge City Council and other stakeholders. Clay Farm and Glebe Farm will provide the setting that will become home to more than 5,800 people, in vibrant new neighbourhoods, enjoying new schools, shopping, parks, recreational and community facilities with new and improved transport connections, including an extensive footpath / cycleway network.

A wide range of new homes will be built with a significant proportion of affordable housing. The majority of the new homes will be houses with gardens. A major new public open space of 120 acres will be provided between Hobson’s Brook and the railway line containing new wetland, balancing ponds, allotments and formal sports pitches. In addition, there will be informal recreational space and play areas throughout the developments.

The wetland area will be provided in the early stages of development and it will become a major habitat for wading birds, as well as a valuable public amenity.

Clay and Glebe Farm are well located in relation to the city centre, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Trumpington village and the local public transport network. The Addenbrooke’s Access Road will provide the main access into the development from the south, via a new roundabout, while a new signalised junction on Long Road will afford access from the north. The development will be served by the Cambridge Guided Bus (CGB) which runs directly through the site, including a stop close to the centrally located neighbourhood centre. The CGB will serve key parts of the new development, and be accessible to all residents within the village of Trumpington.

At the heart of the project will be an attractively designed central square hosting essential neighbourhood facilities including a new community/health centre, library, shops, offices and transport hub. From here the new and wider community will be able to gain direct access to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Cambridge railway station via the CGB, complemented by a conventional bus route running throughout the site.

Robin Hoyles, Subsidiary Managing Director, Countryside Properties, says: “These planning consents are the green light for delivery to begin of a much needed and sustainable extension to Cambridge. At Clay and Glebe Farm the majority of the new homes will be family houses with gardens to help to address the shortage of family housing in Cambridge. Our plans have been strongly guided by local residents and stakeholders so community ideas and aspirations have been built in.”

All development at Clay Farm must accord with a Design Code which is currently being prepared by Countryside Properties in collaboration with the local authorities.

The architecture of the new homes at Glebe Farm responds appropriately to its gateway location. Homes will range from one to four bedrooms, with a significant percentage of affordable properties. A key part of the site will feature two-storey family homes. The new homes have been designed to achieve ‘Lifetime Homes’ standards and will be highly sustainable as they will meet levels 3 and 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Glebe Farm has been designed to respect the existing character of the site and to successfully integrate with surrounding communities. There will be extensive open space and new landscaping that will promote an enhanced, interconnected environment. There will be new allotments and a contribution will also be made to public art.

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