Churchill Retirement Living Delight For Mr and Mrs Chandler

Hindhead 500th owner 036Mr and Mrs Chandler are delighted with their new apartment at Churchill Retirement Living’s Cornerway Lodge in Hindhead, and just as happy about the process that helped to get them there: Selling Made Easy. Edward sums it up by saying: “Selling Made Easy is designed for the older person who doesn’t want to get involved in the nuts and bolts.” His wife Pamela agrees. “Churchill’s attitude is so nice. We’re getting on a bit, but they explained everything, down to the last penny.”

The Chandlers moved to their one bedroom apartment in Cornerway Lodge a few weeks ago. They’re local people, having lived in Grayshott for 40 years. A number of factors prompted their move. Edward retired from the business he was running, and their three bedroom bungalow and its large garden were becoming a little unmanageable. Also, as Pamela doesn’t drive, she liked the idea of being within an easy walk of the amenities she needs; for example her GP’s practice is literally next door to Cornerway Lodge, and the shops she uses are just down the road.

Having already seen a Churchill Retirement Living development in Cowplain, which they thought “absolutely delightful,” they were excited to discover that the Company also planned to build in Hindhead, exactly the location they wanted. When it was time to put their bungalow up for sale, bearing in mind the slow state of the market, they decided to use Selling Made Easy. Admitting that moving was quite an emotional wrench, not to mention physically exhausting, they thought that any help with buying and selling would be very welcome. “I didn’t want to be fussed with administrative issues,” Edward says. “But Churchill Retirement Living got all the machinations going. They ran all the wheels. It really cut down the emotional stress.”

With Selling Made Easy, the “machinations” include obtaining valuations from three local estate agents, then agreeing a realistic price with the vendors. All three agents take on the sale, and Churchill Retirement Living, working in partnership with the New Homes Group, will keep up the pressure on the agents to find suitable buyers. Any viewings are also arranged by Churchill at times convenient to the vendor. When the sale goes through, Churchill will pay up to £2000 towards the agent’s fees; a substantial saving. If the customer doesn’t have their own solicitor, they can choose from Churchill’s approved panel, in which case they will also get a £500 contribution to the legal fees. The aim is to achieve a sale within six weeks, although in the Chandlers’ case it was considerably faster; they got a good offer from only the second viewing. “It worked like a dream, Churchill did it all,” Edward says. The panel solicitor they chose, Boys and Maugham, also earned their praise. “They were human and helpful, delightful,” says Pamela.

They are now settling into their new apartment, although still feeling a little numb from the speed of the move. However, Pamela says it is, “wonderful. Everyone’s brilliant,” adding that the security is also excellent. Edward agrees. “It’s a fantastic place, and that’s not just sales talk. It’s the truth.”

Cornerway Lodge, in common with all Churchill Retirement Developments, offers its Owners many on-site benefits to enhance their lifestyles and personal security, including a Lodge Manager, a 24 hour emergency call service, and estate management to carry out chores like gardening and window cleaning. There’s always an Owners’ Lounge where people can get together for coffee or celebrations and where, as time goes on, an active social scene inevitably takes shape.

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