Top ten foreclosure opportunities listed

US real estate experts have highlighted ten business niches set to grow thanks to the country’s foreclosure crisis. US News turned to the knowledge of Robert Kiyosaki, a columnist and author, and Rick Sharga, vice president of marketing for real estate information provider RealtyTrac.

The resulting article gives a run-down of ten business ideas related to property which could benefit small entrepreneurs. Among suggestions on the list is founding a property preservation specialist firm to help banks get repossessed homes ready for the market.

The article also states:

“As retailers close locations, there’s a business opportunity in helping those business owners find replacement tenants.

“In the real estate industry, this is known as a disposition, and it can involve subleasing by the existing tenant or arranging a settlement where the existing retailer bows out and a new one gets a new lease from the landlord.”

Foreclosure information sales is another market listed by the run-down, which cites the example of RealtyTrac’s paid subscriptions success. The Los Angeles Times recently reported the foreclosure crisis had now spread to the luxury homes market, meaning top properties are available for knock-down prices.

The paper said a hilltop Spanish-style villa in the attractive Napa Valley recently went for $1 million (£510,000) two years after it sold for $1.4 million (£717,000) in a sale experts say may become more common.

The top ten opportunity tips can be read at US News.

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