Eco feature for Caribbean property is good for plants!

costa rica beachAn exclusive holiday homes and investment project in the Caribbean has revealed the technology behind its unique eco water system.

El Verde Misterioso, or ‘the Green Mystery’ in Costa Rica, gets its name from an environmentally responsible installation designed to reclaim water for plants.

The resort uses the technology to combat the threat of grass and plants suffering between December and April, when rain slows in the region.

Besides a vacation rentals service, the resort’s new website also offers property investment opportunities promising high occupancy rates.

El Verde Misterioso says the water system accesses a spring-fed well and a cistern for sources of clean water.

Wasted water is treated on-site using the water reclamation system and treated grey water is then used on the property for irrigation, “ensuring a green season all year round”.

The resort offers a new twist on Caribbean homes developments, and is designed to be unlike large chain resorts and hotels.

Its new website says those going for a property investment option can expect excellent returns and appreciation.

Buyers of homes on the site are requested to pay low monthly maintenance fees and also get help with marketing their villas to potential renters.

The Caribbean property investment market has seen some of the highest increases in values in the last 15 years, with values of homes in Costa Rica shooting up 30 per cent during that time, according to El Verde Misterioso.

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