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Expert Mortgage Tips

With mortgage lending criteria more stringent than ever before, one housebuilder has called upon its network of Independent Financial Advisors to offer advice to those currently facing problems when applying for a mortgage.

Tying The Property Knot But Plan a Get Out

Buying a property with somebody else is seen by many as one of life’s significant milestones. However, as with any big financial commitment, time should be taken to weigh up the options and consider the implications of things not going quite as planned.

Millions Pay Mortgage By Credit Card

Millions of homeowners are paying their monthly mortgage with a credit card according to a poll carried out by YouGov for our ROOF Magazine.

Are the best Spanish property deals repossessions?

Recently there have been many stories about distressed Spanish Property sales and Spanish bank repossessions from a variety of real estate companies. So the question is: Which represents the best value: A distressed sale, or a bank repossession? To find out, we asked Spanish Hot Properties Managing Director, Nick Stuart.